Karnataka Gramin Bank

ATM/Online Transactions - SECURITY ALERTS!

Be Cautious!..Be Aware!.. Be Safe!..

Against Cyber Frauds - Hacking, Scamming, Phishing, etc...

  • Do not respond to Suspicious/Unknown calls.
  • Do not share your PIN/Password/OTP to anyone. Bank never asks for Card Credentials like Card Number,PIN,CVV Etc.,
  • Do not keep your ATMCard ,PIN &Password information together.
  • Do not click /Open Unsecured/Unknown Web links/Attachments sent through spurious Emails/SMS/MMS.
  • Do not carry out online transaction atBrowsing Centre/Cyber Cafe/ Public places & Offices under CCTV Surveillance.
  • Ensure that noexternal devices Like Skimming device, Key Blogger, etc are connected to ATM
  • Ensure No persons behind you inside the ATM while transacting.
  • Cover by your hand while entering PIN at ATM.
  • Operate ATM on your own. Never ask assistantance from anyone.
  • Before Leaving ATM lobby ensure that the transaction is complete.
  • Register your mobile number for SMS Alerts.
  • Check your SMS Alerts for all Transactions.
  • If you have not done the transaction, Block the card Immediately

If found that your Card Credentials are Hacked. Block the Card immediately by sending SMS to 8082892974 HOTLIST last 4 digit of your account number

Ex: HOTLIST 1234

Toll free Number : 1800-425-1557

For further assistance contact the Branch.