Financial Literacy Centers (FLCs)

The objective of conduct of financial literacy is to facilitate financial inclusion through provision of two essentials i.e. literacy and easy access. It should aim at imparting knowledge to enable financial planning, inculcate saving habits and improve the understanding of financial products leading to effective use of financial services by the common man. Financial literacy should help them plan ahead of time for their life cycle needs and deal with unexpected emergencies without resorting to debt. They should be able to proactively manage money and avoid debt traps.

In order to ensure that the knowledge provided through awareness results in inculcating banking habits, literacy inputs need to be synchronized with access to financial services so as to enable the common man to use the information effectively to gain control over financial matters. It should also result in enhancement of their economic security aided by use of banking services.

Bank has 14 FLC centers across 11 districts in our area of operation, which is managed by CFAT (Canara Financial Advisory Trust), Bangalore.

Application form of FLC