Redressel Mechanism

The Bank firmly believes that, customers are real stake holders of our Bank. We are in business because of their patronage to us. Therefore, it becomes our bounden duty to serve them well and keep them satisfied, through polite, courteous service through information sharing, counseling and creating awareness about our Bank’s schemes/services.

Ever since inception, our Bank has attached high priority to personalized customer service.

However, there may be occasions when the customers may express their view points or certain grievances about our schemes and services. The Bank holds a firm view that no visitor or customer who desires to express view points / grievances on our services / schemes should go un-heard. Hence, the Bank has laid down the following mechanism for redressal of grievances of customers.

Grievances redressal at Branch level

Primarily, any complaints/grievances of the customers are addressed at branch level by the Branch Manager. Customers whose complaints are not resolved at branch level may contact or write to Regional Offices. The customer grievances/complaints redressal cell set up at RO level will address the complaint.

Credit Counselling and Customers Grievances / Complaint Redressal Mechanism at our Regional Offices (CCGRC)

The complaints/grievances of customer/public generally fall under following broad areas of our working

Objective The CCGRC acts as a Counseling & Grievances Redressal Cell to the aggrieved customer/public

ROs give special attention to educate and guide the customers/public on our various schemes and services

If the complaint/grievance is not resolved across the table and if the complainant intends to make representation in writing, then RO will receive and acknowledge the letter of complaint.

RO gives suitable direction / instruction / advice to the Branch for compliance and obtain compliance report from the Branch and send the official reply to the complainant marking a copy to the branch.

Complaints/Grievances which require intervention of Head Office, are forwarded to respective Wings of Head Office. Any complaint received by HO will be duly acknowledged. After examining the matter, HO will send response or explain why more time is required to respond and shall endeavour to do so within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

Suggestion box/complaint box are provided in all our branches.

Customers day is observed on 15th of every month, which could be used by the customers for obtaining details of schemes and services and also to resolve the complaints if any. Special customer meet is also conducted periodically by the branches.